What is the BAT (building Action Team) Structure?

EACC Building Rep & Executive Board Information

Register for Rep Assemblies / Turn in 10 Min Meeting Reports
Regular Representative Assemblies Dates:
  • September 13th
  • October 11th
  • November 8th
  • December 13th
  • January 10th
  • February 14th
  • March 13th
  • April 10th
  • May 8th
  • June 12th ( if necessary)
Building Action Team Meetings / Committee Meeting Dates:
BAT Meetings 5-6 p.m. / Committee Meetings 6-7 p.m.
  • September 27th
  • November 29th
  • January 31st
  • March 27th
  • May 22nd

The Building Association Team meeting will be structured to equip Reps to understand the contract more deeply and to share best practices among BAT team jobs.  Each bi-monthly session will include:

  • 35 minutes for contract training
  • 15 minutes for sharing between Rep BAT team assignments
  • 10 minutes for Building Specific questions
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