Committee Meetings will follow BAT Meetings from 6-7 p.m.

Building Action Team Meeting 5-6 p.m. - For Building Reps

Register for BAT/Rep Meetings and Committee Meetings Below

The Building Association Team meeting will be structured to equip Reps to understand the contract more deeply and to share best practices among BAT team jobs. 

Each bi-monthly session will include:

35 minutes for contract training

15 minutes for sharing between Rep BAT team assignments

10 minutes for Building Specific questions


EACC Committee Meetings

  • Membership Committee Meeting
  • GR/GO Team Committee Meeting
  • IPD Committee Meeting
  • MACHR Committee Meeting
  • ECE Committee Meeting

Early Career Educators-Led by and for educators in the first 5 years of their career. This committee plans activities, professional learning, and valuable sessions tailored to the needs of members new to the field of education. This committee is tailored for those who are brand new educators whether fully certified or conditionally certified.

Government Relations-Organizes the membership to lobby elected officials and oversees the process for interviewing and recommending public education friendly candidates for the EACC endorsement process.

Grassroots Organizing (GO) Team-Plans organizing efforts related to the support of legislation at the state and federal level as well as local organizing needs in support of the contract, working conditions, health/safety and other concerns as they arise.

Instructional and Professional Development-This committee plans and implements relevant professional development based on the needs and interests of the EACC membership.

Membership-Plans programming to support the membership and to meet the needs of members. Charged with planning, organizing, and supporting membership recruitment efforts year round including New Employee Orientation.

Minority Affairs/Human and Civil Rights-Organizes activities and the association work concerning human and civil rights as well as efforts to recruit, retain, and attract a diverse workforce.

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