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Worker’s Compensation and Personal Injury

Review Article 21 of theEACC CCPS Negotiated Agreement FY 20 FINAL2 for more information.

1. When a certificated employee is absent from school as a result of personal injury occurring in the course of his or her employment as used and defined in the Workers’ Compensation Laws of Maryland, the employee will be paid his or her full salary, minus the amount of any Workers’ Compensation payments received for salary during the period of temporary disability, not to exceed a period of sixty (60) calendar days. After sixty (60) calendar days, employees who still qualify for weekly disability payments will receive only the funds approved by the State Worker’s Compensation Board. An employee who is a participant in a rehabilitation program approved/administered by the Maryland Association of Boards of Education Workers’ Compensation Group Self-Insurance Fund may be given an extension by the Risk Manager or his or her designee. No part of such absence will be charged to the employee’s sick leave. If approved, such personal injury leave will not exceed twenty-four (24) calendar months and will cease when the period covered by Workers’ Compensation has expired.
2. The Board will continue to pay its share of the cost of the employee’s insurance package for the period of time an employee is receiving Workers’ Compensation benefits. The employee is responsible for paying their premiums on a timely basis.
3. When an employee contracts lice, scabies or ringworm as a result of job related duties, the employee shall be granted one (1) day of administrative leave in which to obtain the required treatment when approved by the Office of Human Resources.
4. The employee will agree to a transitional return to work plan offered by the Board and as approved by a physician.
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