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Spouse Protection from Hartford

Financial Protection for Spouses From The Hartford


The Hartford Disability Insurance for Spouses can cover your spouse’s salary if he or she is out of work.

Why does your spouse need disability insurance under this policy?

If your spouse is an independent contractor, they often do not have sick leave or sick bank. If your spouse needs to take days off from work due to an illness or accident, they will be missing pay.

Why isn’t health insurance enough?

Health insurance is meant to cover the cost of medical bills – it pays the doctors, not you. When you are out of work, it does not cover the cost of bills and expenses.

What does the Hartford offer to my spouse that other insurance companies do not?

The Hartford is the only insurance company that offers disability insurance for spouses. Individual plans may quote up to $300. The Hartford offers protection with rates averaging $7.00 to $30.00 per pay depending on their age and salary.

In 2010, 23% of all independent contractors were not covered by insurance*

*”Data Spotlight: Independent Contractors On The Rise” by Joshua Wright


My spouse currently does not have Sick Leave. Why do they need it now?

Health insurance will cover the cost of medical bills, but will not pay for the bills you pay normally (groceries, heating and air conditioning, cable…) when you are out of work. Disability covers your bills if your spouse is on leave and isn’t paid.

What are the benefits of Disability Insurance?

Disability Insurance pays you in cash to cover your every day bills and expenses if you need to take off from work. It pays on top of the benefits you receive from your health insurance. It ensures you don’t miss pay because you are out of work.

36% of people say that if they became disabled, they would depend on their spouse’s income.*

*CDA 2010 Consumer Disability Awareness Study

What is covered?

Depending on your plan, disability insurance:

  •  Pay is based on your annual income.
  •  Pays you up to 2 years to age 67.
  •  Pays for all on and off the job accidents after 60, 90 or 180 day wait.
  •  Provides payment for surgery or illness if you are out of leave.


Example of Short/Long Term Disability Coverage

Cost per Pay for a Male Spouse, aged 32, in Charles County

 Monthly   Benefit

Coverage   Type

Waiting   Period


$2,000 Up to 2 years 60 Day $6.83
$2,000 Up to age 67 90 Day $4.75
$3,000 Up to 2 years 60 Day $10.25
$3,000 Up to age 67 90 Day $6.84
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