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Portfolio Assessment

How to Develop a Professional Portfolio: A Manual for Teachers

Dorothy M. Campbell, Beverly J. Melenyzer, Diane H. Nettles, Richard M. Wyman

This versatile and practical book provides clear, manageable guidelines and tips for professional portfolio development that can be followed by teachers at all stages of their careers. In seven concise chapters, this book offers preservice and in-service teachers step-by-step procedures for portfolio development, using national teaching standards as the organizing system, and offers teachers an extensive list of pragmatic artifact possibilities to showcase their professional growth.


The School Portfolio Tool Kit: A Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation Guide for Continuous School Improvement

Victoria Bernhardt

The School Portfolio Toolkit is a book and compact disc (CD) that includes over 300 tools, strategies, templates, and examples for use in building school portfolios and for planning, implementing, and evaluating continuous school improvement. The Toolkit was written to support school personnel with the mechanics of putting together a school portfolio, as well as to offer processes and strategies to move whole school staffs into and through continuous improvement.

The tools in the Toolkit will help staffs create, implement, and maintain school portfolios and begin the journey of continuous improvement. Each chapter deals with one topic related to the school portfolio and comprehensive school improvement, with related documents and tools on the CD.

The School Portfolio Toolkit book and CD provides templates, tools, examples, and strategies that will help you: – analyze your school’s data – create a vision that is truly shared by the school staff – build a continuous school improvement plan to implement the school vision – formulate a leadership structure to implement the vision – involve parents, community, and business in implementing the vision – embed up to forty different powerful professional development designs into your school plan – evaluate your continuous school improvement work – create a School Portfolio that will organize and serve as a framework for the continuation of this work


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