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Our Kids Still Need….

Dear EACC member,

We are at a precarious time right now because of the Coronavirus and school system shutdown.  The future of our local, state and national economy is in question.  Small businesses are struggling to stay afloat, many people are not working, revenue levels are dipping and the Governor has put a freeze on the budget.  Nevertheless, CCPS continues to educate children, pay our employees, and make plans to re-open schools whenever that happens. The Charles County Commissioners continue to assure us that education is a priority.    Now more than ever, the community sees what educators do for students, and parents are living what students need to continue the learning process in a very clear and present way.    The Commissioners vote on how they will fund the Superintendent’s Budget request after next week’s Public Hearing on May 5th.

We need YOUR voice to help make sure the Commissioners understand why fully funding the Superintendent’s Budget Request is crucial to continuing what all educators have been doing since the beginning of the pandemic and throughout the shutdown.  We are all working to the best of our ability to make sure our students get what they need.  Our Kids Still Need us, educators, and our expertise to help them succeed.  Our Kids Still Need educational resources.  Our Kids Still Need the technology, and our ability to teach remotely, to create lessons that engage them.  Education is a priority and should continue to be so, because Our Kids Still Need it to be.  That’s why we need to make sure the Commissioners know what Our Kids Still Need because we are #EACC4OurStudents

  1. Join our “Our Kids Still Need” Campaign! 

Let’s get it out there on social media to show what Our Kids Still Need to continue to be successful!  The EACC Government Relations (GR) Committee has created a template for you to use, or you can make your own. Here’s the plan:

  • Print out the template/create one of your own
  • Use Our Kids Still Need as a “title” on your sign, and make sure our hashtag #EACC4OurStudents is visible as well
  • Take a picture of you with your sign and send it to [email protected]
  • The deadline to send an “Our Kids Still Need” picture is Friday, May 1st at 6PM.
  • Our GR committee will take the pictures and put them into a video to be shared on our Facebook page (and with anyone else who will watch)
  • Everyone who submits an “Our Kids Still Need” photo of themselves with their sign will be entered into a drawing for an Amazon Gift Card

The “Our Kids Still Need…” sign template and examples are on our EACC website at https://teameacc.org/eacc-our-kids-still-need-examples/

  1. Send your thoughts to the Commissioners!

The Commissioners need to hear from YOU.  No one can tell your story better than you can.  The link below will make it easy.  There is a “pre-written” email that you can send, customize as you see fit, or it can help give you ideas to work from in drafting your own message.



  • How to “attend” and “speak” at the Budget Forum

Due to COVID19, and in lieu of public appearance:

  • Residents can watch via CCGTV on cable access channels, Comcast: 95 and Verizon FIOS: 10, view on line at https://www.charlescountymd.gov/our-county/ccgtv-live-stream.
  • Those that are unable to watch can use the call-in number to listen to the Public Hearing at 301-645-0500.
  • To speak during the meeting, a call-in option is available. Individuals should call 301-885-2779 to register to speak during the public hearing.  Registration to speak will begin at 8 a.m. and end at 4 p.m. on May 5. 
  • If you are registered to speak, you will be called to speak during the meeting between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. on May 5. If you are not available to speak when you are called, they have the right to move on to the next caller.
  • Comments will be accepted on May 5 starting at 8 a.m. through May 7 at 5 p.m. by using the e-comment feature at www.CharlesCountyMD.gov/FY2021BudgetHearing or calling 301-645-0652 to leave a message.
  • Written comments may also be mailed to: Commissioners of Charles County, 200 Baltimore Street, La Plata, Maryland 20646.  Written comments must be received no later than May 11.


Please let me know if you have any questions!

In Solidarity,

Linda McLaughlin

President, Education Association of Charles County

105 Centennial St, Suite H

La Plata, MD 20646

(office) 301.392.0150

(fax) 301.392.0151

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