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FY20 EACC & CCPS Tentative Agreement

The EACC and CCPS have reached a Tentative Agreement (TA) on the FY20 Negotiated Agreement.

Below is the Tentative Agreement between EACC and CCPS  and a PowerPoint presentation, which includes a voice recording, explaining the details.  The presentation is about 8 minutes long.


  • Members will be able to vote ratify (approve/disapprove) the TA by an electronic ballot. We will send each member a link to vote on Thursday, July 2nd to their CCBOE email and they will have the opportunity to vote until 4:00 PM on Friday, July 10th.  Only members can vote in the ratification process.

Below is the powerpoint to view:

TA Informational_WithScales_1COLA



the pdf Tentative Agreement will be available shortly



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