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FY18 -Ratification of the Tentative Agreement

The EACC/CCPS tentative agreement was ratified (accepted) by the EACC membership and will take effect July 1, 2017.

284 EACC members voted (13%)

246 voted to ratify the contract (86.6%)

38 voted not to ratify the contract (13.4%)

Amy Hollstein, CCPS’ Chief Negotiator, and I will work together to update this year’s (FY 18) contract with the new (FY 18) language/salary scales to make it current. Once we have it completed, I will let you know. It will be posted on both our website, www.teameacc.org, and CCPS’ website, plus I will be sure to send the electronic version out to all of you.

All Unit I and Unit II EACC Bargaining Unit Members, who are eligible for a pay level increase (otherwise known as a “step”), will receive their salary increase on their first 17-18 SY paycheck. That date varies for 12 mo., 11 mo., and 10. mo. employees.  To see what your salary will be, you can look in the current salary scale and move yourself down/over one pay level (be sure to look at the “level” column and NOT the 2016-17 Yrs. Exp. column).  Be sure to look at your assignment sheet from last school year and compare it to the one that you will be getting for the upcoming school year to ensure your salary is correct.

  • All Unit I bargaining members will receive one pay level increase (if they can move one level on the pay scale; those at the top please see bullet #3 below).
  • Unit II bargaining members, who are eligible (eligible = those who did not receive a pay level increase this year; FY 17), will receive a pay level increase.  Those Unit II members that were hired/placed the Unit II salary scale this year are not eligible for a pay level increase because the contract states that those on the Unit II Salary scale advance to the next level every 2 years (per Article 15 F).
  • Those EACC bargaining unit members who are at the top of the Unit I and Unit II salary scale will not receive a salary increase.

Courtney L. Dowling, UniServ Director

Education Association of Charles County


Ratification of the FY 18 EACC/CCPS Negotiated Agreement

The EACC and CCPS concluded negotiations on Friday, May 26th. Below are links to each Article that was open for negotiations and you will be able to see exactly what was agreed upon.  The red underlined language is the new language. The blue language that is stricken is language that will go away.

That contract is good for one year; it’s the last year of a three year agreement (July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2018). The entire contract will be open for negotiations next year for FY 19.

There is an agreement in the contract that states three articles would be open; Article 15 Salaries, Article 16 Extra Pay for Extra Duty and Article 18 Insurance. In addition to those open articles, each side was able to choose one additional article to open (this is stated Article 30 Duration and Severability). CCPS chose to open Article 13 Working Hours and Workload and EACC chose to open Article 24 Evaluation.


 Article 15 – SALARIES



No changes in the Insurance article; benefits remain the same – Keep in mind that we cannot negotiate premiums; that is what the insurance company charges the school system. Premiums are based on usage and if premiums go up, the increase will be passed onto employees (but you are still only paying for 25% of the premiums). Any changes in premium costs would take effect Jan. 1, 2018. CCPS will notify employees if this occurs.



 The EACC will be holding two ratification meetings, FOR MEMBERS ONLY, so that members can hear more specific details regarding negotiations and the tentative agreement and ask questions.  After reviewing these articles, please bring any questions with you to one of the two ratification meetings. The voting process will take place online and will be open for one week following the second ratification meeting. All members will receive an email on the CCPS email account regarding the ratification vote.  Each member will receive a link in that email which will allow members to vote electronically. Only members can vote in the ratification process.

 We hope that you take part in this very important process and make it a priority to attend one of the two meetings listed below.

  • Tuesday, June 6th beginning at 5:00 PM at North Point HS in the Professional Development Room across from the front office

  • Wednesday, June 7th beginning at 5:00 PM at La Plata HS in the Media Center


If you have any questions, please contact Courtney Dowling, EACC/MSEA UniServ Director and EACC Chief Negotiator at [email protected].


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