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FY 21 -EACC Local Election (2020-2021)

EACC FY21 Local Elections

You can view Candidate list, bios, flyers and videos below.

To View FY21 EACC Candidate Flyers & Media click here

EACC Local Election Candidate List & Bios

The names below will be on the MSEA ballot which will be sent to your email on January 25, 2021 or you can go vote at https://www.marylandeducators.org/.


FY21 EACC Officers candidates BIO (2020.12.21)

FY21 EACC Delegate candidates BIO (2020.12.21)

Positions Vacant for 2021 Elections:

  • ONE (1) EACC President, 3-year term starting 07/01/21
  • ONE (1) EACC Treasurer, 3-year term starting 07/01/21
  • ONE (1) EACC Unit II Member at Large, 3-year term starting 07/01/21
  • THREE (3) EACC, Member at Large, 3-year term starting 07/01/21
  • FORTY-THREE (43) MSEA Convention Delegates (10/15-16/21, Ocean City, MD)*
  • THIRTEEN (13) NEA Convention Delegates (7/2-6/21, Denver, CO) *
  • ONE (1) MSEA PAC Representative, 1-year term starting 07/01/21

*Attendance at the MSEA and NEA conventions will be funded as EACC budget allows. Elected delegate(s) who are not funded because of EACC budget constraints can attend the conventions at their own expense.

Below is the EACC Election Nomination Packet. The completed forms are due on November 20th by 4pm to the EACC office.  Return the forms by:

  • CCPS pony to the EACC office
  • Email Richard Kelly @[email protected]
  • Fax it to the office at 301-392-0151

FY21 EACC Election Nomination Packet

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