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Extra Pay for Extra Duty

Review Article 16 of the EACC_CCPS_FY23 Negotiated Agreement_FINAL for more information.

B.)    For the purposes of this agreement, EPED assignments are those assignments that must be conducted beyond the employee’s duty day and that require the direct leadership of and responsibility for students and/or teachers.

E. All vacancies for extra pay positions as shown in this article will be adequately publicized. Extra pay for extra duty positions may be held by Unit I and II employees and will be filled in the following order:
a. Unit I bargaining unit members
b. Unit II bargaining unit members
c. Other CCPS employees
d. Non-CCPS employees


F. Assumption of all extra pay duties shall be voluntary and the signature of the employee shall be required on the contract prior to performing the duties.



NOTE: Teacher Partners/Mentors can be assigned to help either one teacher (Paid at Category 15) or two teachers (paid at Category 13). They cannot be assigned to mentor more than two teachers.



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