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2015 Town Hall Videos

EACC Town Hall – Opening Greeting from Linda McLaughlin

EACC Town Hall – Veronica Mc Fadden, GR Chair, shares the agenda if the event

EACC Town Hall – Ronnie Wells, Science Teacher at Henry E. Lackey HS

EACC Town Hall – Leroy Pressley, Music Teacher at Diggs ES

EACC Town Hall – Paul Pavelich, PE Teacher at Dr. Brown ES

EACC Town Hall – Veronica McFadden, Art Teacher at Gale-Bailey ES

EACC Town Hall – Teresa Jones, Learning Resource Teacher at Higdon ES

EACC Town Hall – Sean Johnson, MSEA’s Asst. E.D. of Political and Legislative Affairs

 EACC Town Hall – Bill Fisher, 5th Grade Teacher at Hidgon ES

EACC Town Hall – Heather Hartman-Jansen, Librarian at Somers MS




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